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Oregon Adult Martial Arts Classes

Are you ready to look and feel amazing, while giving yourself the unstoppable self-defense protection that’s as effective as a suit of armor? You’ll get the body you’ve been craving when you take Adult Martial Arts classes at Karate America! This is fitness at its best! Not only will we get you in great shape faster than any other workout can deliver, but you’ll be prepared to face the most fearsome situations knowing you can walk away unscathed!

Register with Karate American today to take advantage of this unique opportunity to get ripped and become a master of Martial Arts! We boast world-class black belt martial arts instructors who will train you in all the self-defense moves you need to face down any threat!


When you take the Adult Martial Arts classes at Karate America, you’ll develop impressive strength and speed as you learn to defend yourself with a full arsenal of kicks, punches, throws and holds…after just a few classes, you’ll know everything you need to crush anyone foolish enough to cross your path!

Our Adult Martial Arts classes are simply the best self defense classes you’ll find anywhere throughout the area. That’s because we’re serious about self-defense! We’ll show you how to defend yourself without weapons, using nothing but your hands and feet.

Just take a look at what you can expect to learn from Adult Martial Arts classes at Karate America:

  1. How to escape life-threatening grabs, chokes and holds
  2. How to defend yourself with powerful punches, kicks and blows
  3. How to predict your attacker’s next move and deliver surprise counter attacks
  4. How to identify your attacker’s weaknesses and use them to your advantage

As you master all of the martial arts moves, you’ll be getting a body-toning workout that will leave you turning heads and catching more stares than ever before!


The Adult Martial Arts classes at Karate America are guaranteed to give you the rock-solid, eye-popping body that you’ve always wanted. So it’s a good thing that you’ll also get all the self-defense skills you could ever need to protect it, too!

We’re thrilled to be starting a whole slew of new Adult Martial Arts classes this month, so you won’t have to wait to enjoy all that our Adult Martial Arts classes have to offer. What’s more, we’re making it super easy for you to get started. That’s because we’ve put together an unbelievable introductory special for our new members who sign up this month!

To get in on this special, just complete the short form on this page.

When you do, we’ll send you all the details and give you everything you need to jump at the opportunity to get the body you’ve always wanted—and the self-defense skills to protect it—with the Adult Martial Arts classes at Karate America!

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