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The Perfect Solution For Busy Families

Hello, my name is Sarah Burkel. Let me tell you about our awesome A+ Transported After School Program

Parents love our A+ Transported After School Program! Here’s the top 5 reasons parents in Oregon and Brooklyn have been coming to our program for the last 14 years:

  1. We transport kids from local elementary schools to our facility
  2. Martial arts training is included
  3. Structured home work time
  4. Active, team building games
  5. Full days off are included at no extra charge *

This fall will be our 14th year serving the community with our A+ Transported After School Program. We would love to have your child in our program! But…. there is limited enrollment and we only have a few spots left for fall 2019. Call today to reserve your child’s spot. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


See what our Parents have to say

“We love Karate America in Oregon, everything about it is amazing!!!”

Sarah Burkel and her team do an outstanding job keeping the kids focused, fit and learning every day! The after school program is amazing, from taking karate classes to having quiet homework time to free play… the program is top-notch. The discipline my kids have learned while in the program comes home each day and they have grown so much because of this program! Thank you Sarah and team! You rock!

– Megan B.

“Can’t believe it has been two years already.”

Karate America Oregon has done amazing things for Aaliyah. Has taught respect for others! Has given her the courage to stand up to her bully! Leadership, guiding her peers during class and outside the classroom. Strength of the body, mind and soul. These are just a few attributes Aaliyah has gained. Best choice we ever made.

– Stacy A.

“We absolutely love coming to Karate America for their after school program.”

Our son really enjoys the classes and we have seen a difference at home with his behavior and self -control. This January, they offered free classes for adults and we have participated in them. It is an excellent workout and Mr. Rossi teaches some easy to learn and practical self- defense techniques. I plan on continuing classes after the free trial. Always greeted by Ms. Burkel and always feel welcomed.

– Jon B.

“Putting my kiddos in Karate America was one of the best decisions I have ever made!”

They absolutely LOVE learning karate and have so much fun doing so! It was helped with their respect, discipline, and confidence! They truly enjoy being there and are upset if they have to miss a day (or 5 this week – while they are stuck at home with me for Spring Break). Great place, great staff, and I would recommend to anyone!!!

– Erica V.

Here is an overview of our safe, structured and fun after school program

Home Work

How much time do you spend pleading with your kids to get their homework done? At Karate America, we not only provide time for your child to get their homework done before you pick them up, but we teach them the importance of not procrastinating and taking pride in their work. Most students’ homework can be completed well within our 20 minute homework rotation.

Martial Arts Classes

At Karate America, your child will participate in a safe and fun martial arts program that includes exciting and high-energy martial arts lessons and character development that your child will love. Children enjoy learning how to defend themselves while also learning the value of discipline, courtesy and respect. Martial arts are for everyone. Karate kids are great kids!

Games, Fitness and Fun!

In addition to fun martial arts classes, students will also participate in fitness challenges, team building exercises and entertaining games and activities.

Character Education

Our students have more fun while also learning great character education traits such as manners, honesty, sharing, leadership, responsibility and humility. Learning and demonstrating these traits allows them to have a positive impact on everyone around them, becoming great role models for other students.

“Karate America has been such a great option for after school care for our kids. “

They are safe, well cared for and in addition they are learning a valuable lifelong skill. Thanks Karate America!!!

– J. Spink

“Amazing! Best customer service and staffing!”

I have a 5 yr. old that is sensitive. I highly recommend this After school program. It is the best!!!

– Ryan K.

Hurry! Fall registration is filling up quickly and we WILL run out of spots.

Don’t miss out on providing your child with the best after school program experience available in this area.

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